The Facility is designed for storage & handling of process of products (Beta-Lactams & Clavams) which are very sensitive to temperature & humidity. Variation in storage conditions often leads to loss of quality & shelf life of the products when exposed to temperature & humidity because the products are sensitive to thermal & moisture degradation very fast.

The most effective way to protect these materials to provide specific environments for storage, formulate & process material under control surroundings with continuous monitoring of the environmental conditions round the clock.

This can be achieved by custom designed air de-humidification & temperature control solutions for every area in order to achieve the cGMP aspects. PIL has achieved these conditions by providing latest technologies for de-humidification & lowering temperature simultaneously which are considerably energy efficient & eco-friendly. These are fitted with alarm systems for timely action & active controls that leads to benefits for

– Ensuring high quality

– Increases product reliability

– Patient safety

– Eco- Friendly (Provide energy recovery)

– Increased Assurance level

Since having a long experience of handling such sensitive materials, products & process that established high degree of confidence in our products through the expertise of our technical team & drive us to lead the markets with enhanced assurance & reliability to serve the human beings for these specialized products.